Management without Numbers


The best-selling book about output management by Filip Vandendriessche en Han Looten. This book will enable you to become an output manager and get results!


  • How do you ensure that employees commit themselves to results?
  • How do you instil lasting ownership and motivation with your employees?
  • Which strategy do you apply in order to achieve an organisational change?
  • How do you realise this change without tensions and conflict?

Hierarchy and control are no longer the primary ingredients for success. More than ever great results are the outcome of collaboration and ownership. The manner in which you lead your organisation and the way you communicate greatly affects your organisation’s success. 
In Management without Numbers Filip Vandendriessche and Han Looten explain how you can achieve your desired results without sti ing employee motivation and ownership. This books explains the ins and outs of output management. A managerial philosophy which aligns an employee’s activities with overall objectives and collective ambitions in servitude of your clients and quality of service delivery. Output management is not the next management hype. Rather it is managerial philosophy which improves collaboration and enables organisational change without con ict and stress. This book will enable you to become an output manager.

Filip Vandendriessche is the author of Leading without Commanding and the co-founder of the Output Academy. He invented output management to solve the paradox of employee motivation and managerial control. In his long career as consultant, coach and keynote speaker Filip has introduced out- put management in a wide variety of international organisations, such as ING Bank, Philips, IBM and Volvo.

Han Looten is an entrepreneur, a director and boardroom consultant. He is a co-founder of the Output Academy. He coaches senior executives and several young entrepreneurs. Han Looten is active in Dutch media as a radio columnist and TV personality. From 2003 to 2009 Han Looten was the Chief Executive Of cer of G.I.T.P. International.



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